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Be a scrubber for a day!

Joy and I are going to be scrubbers for the day next Monday.  Butser scrubbers, that is.  Why not join us?  The weather forecast is sunny!

Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP) has asked for  volunteers to help with some fun scrub bashing on the lower/southern slopes of Butser Hill National Nature Reserve from Monday 13th to Saturday 18th November.

They've been great supporters of cycling, whether mountain biking, cycling through on the Butser Crossing, or stopping off at the great tearoom for refreshments, so it's an opportunity to return the favour and strengthen the bond.

Teas & coffees will be available, and if you book in advance (via the QECP reception or 02392 595040) a breakfast bacon sandwich and piece of cake!

The work will be supervised and with all tools provided. Participants will need to bring working clothes, waterproofs, boots, gloves, and packed lunch.

The day will start at 10.00am and finish at 3.00pm, meeting at the old A3 car park to the east of the motorway. Free parking, look out for the signs.

Joy and I can only do Monday, so it would be fun if you could join us, but if you can't make that, do try another day.

Organised by Tim Speller, Country Parks Manager.

Portsmouth commits to 10% of transport budget on cycling

Portsmouth City Council has just voted to commit at least 10% of its local transport budget to cycling.   It's a tribute to the tireless campaigning of PompeyBug, the Bicycle User Group, also known as Portsmouth Cycle Forum.

But also our Cycling UK national team was heavily involved.  It's great to see what our subscriptions help to pay for.  Being flat and a student city, Portsmouth is a big cycling community, and has pretty good cycle infrastructure (compared to Havant and most of Hampshire).  But it also has a high death rate, so there's lots more to do.

More details at: .  Well worth reading.

We need to hold them to it, and make sure it leads to real improvements in cycling, not just a spinning class  :-)

Roger Geffen at PompeyBUG, 17th November

Roger Geffen MBE, Policy Director of Cycling UK, is the guest of Portsmouth Cycle Forum (PompeyBUG) at 7pm, Thursday 17th November, when he will talk about the second phase of our national Space for Cycling campaign.  This aims to create better places for everyone, by enabling people of all ages and abilities to cycle for any local journey.  As well as enabling members of the public to call on councils to commit to planning high-quality cycle networks – and to finding the funding these will require – we are also creating a Space for Cycling toolkit.  This will support local campaign groups and councils to work constructively together on planning local cycle networks and prioritising schemes, using a suite of IT tools and crowd-sourced data. This will strengthen the hand of local campaigners – as local authorities seek their support for their funding proposals – while boosting their credibility, their visibility in the local media, and their supporter base.

This should be a really interesting meeting and a great chance for us to engage with Cycling UK’s national campaigns and to use them locally to help us make cycling work for the Portsmouth and Havant area.  Put the date in your diaries.

More details at

CWIS & Campaigning News

You may already be aware of the government’s CWIS (Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy) which is now at the draft stage and open for comment. The consultation closes on 23 May, so it should be possible for all members to have their say, which can be done by using the on-line survey, using the e-mail address supplied or by normal post.  You can view the documents and make your views known here.

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Butser Cutting update

You might be aware that work at the south section of the route has stalled because of issues with the slope up from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park car park to the new path.

This document is the proposal to Hampshire County Council to spend the extra money necessary to complete the route.

This document is the record of the approval given by the relevant executive member to the extra spend.

So it looks like the path will be completed. It will be a while, however, before we get a reliable completion date.

Rationale for the Centurion Way extension

Gilbert brings our attention to the following letter to the Chichester Observer explaining the logic behind the Centurion Way extension which ends in a cul-de-sac...

We are pleased to hear that people are enjoying the recent extension to the Centurion Way between Lavant and West Dean.

We appreciate that there is some frustration that it doesn't yet offer an off-road route into West Dean and thought it would be helpful to clarify the current status and next steps as part of our long-term ambition to bring the route all the way to Midhurst. The recent path extension which opened in December was made possible thanks to funding from the Department for Transport. As this funding was time limited we considered it best to carry out agreed construction works at once even though this would result in a dead end as we had not yet identified a means of providing access to the village.

We have been working in partnership with landowners and the local community to resolve this issue and are confident that we will find an acceptable solution in the near future.

In the meantime we've installed information panels and fingerposts at Binderton to alert users that access to the village remains via the route adjacent to the A286.

We are asking that people using the path respect the privacy of adjacent landowners. Trespassing on their land is not only unlawful but could jeopardise ongoing discussions and erode goodwill as we try to find a long-term solution.

We will continue to develop the Centurion Way as and when funding becomes available as part of our vision to develop a network of core shared paths across the National Park.

We are grateful for the support of the Edward James Foundation, owners of the West Dean Estate, for their continued support and look forward to working with landowners, tenants and communities to reach a a solution. For further information about the Centurion Way project, please contact

Andrew Lee
Director of strategy and partnership
South Down National Park Authority