Inclusive cycling

As a club we try to be as inclusive as possible. To join one of our rides, however, does require:

  • The ability to ride unaided
  • A certain level of fitness
  • Confidence to ride in traffic
  • Knowledge and understanding of the highway code and our ride guidelines

If any of the above are an issue for you, we offer a range of free opportunities to ride. Click any of these links for more information...

Easy rides

If you want to try riding in a group but you are worried that you might be unable to keep up, or that the distances are too much for you, the easy rides are designed for you.

Typically we cycle for two to three hours with a break for coffee and cake somewhere along the way. We don't do big hills and we try to keep to quiet roads and cycle paths where we can.

We will not leave you behind and - if you struggle - we'll split the ride to make sure you get back OK at a speed that suits you.

We run easy rides once a month. You can see the planned easy rides in the panel on the right. If you'd like to know more, contact Martine and Andy our easy ride organisers.

Small rides

If you are unsure of your capabilities we can try to arrange ad-hoc rides to meet your specific needs. This could be a good way to:

  • Build on bike training
  • Recover from illness or injury (but see below)
  • Find out whether you can manage longer rides

Obviously, we are reliant on members' availability to support you. If you are interested, please use our contact form to get in touch providing details of:

  • the support you need;
  • your previous cycling experience; and
  • an indication of where you live.

We'll then try to put you in touch with one or more riders.

Tandem rides

Tandem bikes provide the opportunity for people with physical or mental issues to get to ride. For example, if you have impaired sight, you can still get on the back of a tandem and enjoy a ride.

Both riders need to be able to trust each other so if you are interested in a tandem ride, use our contact form to get in touch and we'll try to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a suitable tandem rider. Please make sure to let us know:

  • the nature and extent of your impairment;
  • your previous cycling experience and ability; and
  • a rough indication of where you live.
Specialist bikes

We have some knowledge and experience in the club with specialist bikes. For example:

Please get in touch if you think we can help.

Recovery from illness or injury

Cycling can be very helpful if you are recovering from illness or injury. For example:

  • Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise that promotes blood flow so it can be particularly helpful for people recovering from leg, knee and hip operations
  • Moderate exercise - such as cycling - is often prescribed for those recovering from strokes
  • Cycling requires you to concentrate on the road so can support mindfulness therapies for those suffering mood or anxiety disorders

We are not, however, medically-trained. We are not in a position to assess what is suitable for you, and what is not. If you are recovering from illness or injury we therefore ask that you seek specific medical guidance and discuss what you have been told with us. We will then do our best to help. Note that if you turn up for a ride without warning and we are concerned about your ability, the ride leader might ask you not to join the ride.

Anything else we can do?

Do you have a specific need? Perhaps you belong to a support group that would like to explore cycling opportunities.

Please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

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