Club kit

Wearing club kit is entirely optional. You aren't required to wear it on any of our rides. If you do, it advertises our club while we're out and about. For that reason we offer CTC members a subsidy for ordering our kit.

We have switched to Owayo as our club kit provider. We used Owayo's online designer to try to reproduce our previous design. The new design is reasonably close with some exceptions:

  • The wording on the kit is more visible at a distance
  • We've added the phrase "Part of Cycling UK" as it requests; this gives us the benefit of both Cycling UK and CTC branding.

However, the new kit is clearly of the same family as its predecessor.

One of the benefits of switching to Owayo is that you can now order your own kit direct from Owayo. To support us, it has created a Portsmouth CTC online shop at:

Click any heading below to find out more...

What is available?

We have produced designs for:

  • a short-sleeve jersey
  • a long-sleeve jersey
  • a rain jacket

You can see the full range of available cycling kit at Owayo. If you want something that doesn't appear in the shop, let us know.

What does it look like?

You can see a 3D depiction in the club shop. Click an item that interests you and you'll see a larger image. Click the rotate icon below the image to see it from diferent angles.

How much?

You can see prices in the club shop.

If you are a CTC member, you can order any item and we will subsidise your purchase.

The committee is discussing subsidy options, but the current arrangement is that we will absorb the delivery charge and contribute £10 to the cost of each item.

When you place an order you can request expedited delivery - that's your choice. The subsidy will still be £10 per item. You can also specify different delivery methods the subsidy will cover the cost of a Royal Mail delivery.

Before you place an order, please return here and check you are happy with the current subsidy - it might have changed.


When you select an item in the club shop, you will be asked for a size. You will also be able to link to a size guide. Please do not take it literally! The sizes assume a tight racing fit. You should ‘try before you buy’ if you can - try borrowing a jersey from another club member. If you have - or can get hold of - a Hayling Cycle Ride jersey, they are also made by Owayo.

Otherwise, you should order at least one size up from the sizing guide.

Items are made to order so cannot be returned to Owayo if they do not fit.

Delivery timescale

You can see a delivery estimate for each item in the club shop. When you place an order you will get a more accurate estimate subject to you confirming your order promptly. Your confirmation email will include a guaranteed despatch date.

The ordering/reimbursement process

After you place your order, Owayo will send you an email saying "Your order is being checked for quality assurance." If all is well, you will then receive a follow-up email confirming your order. Please keep a copy of the invoice provided with the email which will show what you ordered and the delivery charge.

When you get the item and you have no issues with it, please forward the email to the club treasurer for reimbursement. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, reimbursement will be via bank transfer so you will need to provide bank details.

Cycling UK kit

Cycling UK runs an online shop selling a restricted range of cycle clothing here.