Club kit

Wearing club kit is entirely optional. You aren't required to wear it on any of our rides. If you do, it advertises our club while we're out and about. For that reason we offer CTC members a subsidy for ordering our kit.

Please take note of the information provided in the sizing guide. Items are made to order so cannot be returned to our supplier if they do not fit.

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Our supplier is Force GB. To date we have designs for short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys, gilets and jackets. See below for ordering details. You can see the full range of available clothing on the Force GB web site. If you're interested in any of the additional items, let me know and I'll look into getting designs produced.

Please note that pictures here are for general indication only. Force GB changes its designs from time to time and has done so since these images were created. To see a formal description of each item, please refer to the Force GB web site.

Here's the short-sleeve jersey design as selected by a vote of members...

Jersey Design

Click the image to see a larger version. Note that computer, phone and tablet displays do not reproduce colours accurately. You can see club jerseys on most rides.

Here's a photo showing the long-sleeve version...

Long Sleeve Jersey

... the jacket design is similar.

Here's the design for gilets:


Note the third image is for the mesh-backed version.

The Force GB price for a short-sleeve jersey is £45 including VAT. Long-sleeve jerseys are available in two versions:

  1. Standard: £57 including VAT
  2. Winter weight: £63 including VAT

All prices are the same regardless of zip size (half, three-quarter or full).

Gilets are available in two versions:

  1. Thermal full back (including pockets): £60 including VAT
  2. Mesh back: £48 including VAT

Soft shell jackets cost £88 including VAT. If you'd like to know more about the jacket, Robert Sebley has one and I have a sample.

There is also a delivery charge.

Those are the prices if you order directly from Force GB. If you are a CTC member and you order through the club, we will absorb the delivery charge and contribute £10 to the cost of each jersey.

Prices are accurate at the beginning of August 2018 and are subject to change without notice. If you order direct from Force GB, please check the price before you order. If you order through the club, we undertake to check the price when ordering from Force GB and we'll check back with you if the price has increased.

Also the club subsidy is subject to a budget which will be allocated first come, first served. If we are unable to subsidise your order, we will check with you before placing your order.

The Force GB sizing guide is here. Please do not take it literally! The sizes assume a very tight racing fit. You should ‘try before you buy’ if you can - try borrowing a jersey from another club member. If that's a problem I can try to get hold of some samples (but they won’t be in our colours).

Otherwise, you should order at least two sizes up from the sizing guide.

Gilets use the same sizing as jerseys.

Note that the sizing guide now uses 'dress' sizes for ladies rather than small, medium large, etc. We are advised that jerseys previously ordered as medium are the size 12 ones.

Items are made to order so cannot be returned to our supplier if they do not fit.

There are two ways to order:

  1. Order direct from Force GB. You will have to pay the full price and delivery, but you will get the item quicker and delivered direct. The Force GB sales line is 01924 409290, its email address is
  2. If you are a CTC member you can order through the club using the following form. We will subsidise each item by £10 (subject to a budget set by the committee) and absorb the delivery charge. To order multiple items, submit the form multiple times putting something like 'Item 1 of 2" in the comment box.

    Your name, please:

    Your email address please:

    Clothing type:


    Zip type (relevant to jerseys only):

    Note that by accepting an order with this form we do not intend to create a contract with you. Instead, we are facilitating an order with Force GB. We undertake to help you solve any issues you might have with a delivery, but liability will ultimately rest with Force GB.
    Please confirm your acceptance and CTC membership

    All data you enter on this page is treated with respect and in accordance with our privacy policy which we set out here.

    You will need to provide card details if you order from Force GB direct.

    If you order through the club, you will need to pay in advance. Either get a cheque to me made out to A G Henderson or get in touch for my account details (or log in to see my details here).

    Force GB quotes a 3-4 week delivery timescale.

    If you order through the club, I will accumulate orders placed during each month and place the order as soon as practical after the end of each month. Depending on the order quantity I will either:

    • Arrange direct delivery or
    • Have orders delivered to me and I will distribute them - typically at a ride; I might have to use an intermediary if we don't join the same rides.

    Click here to see an online spreadsheet listing all orders and where we are with each one.

    You can:

    Cycling UK runs an online shop selling a restricted range of cycle clothing here.