Change to club jerseys

At the last committee meeting we agreed to investigate an alternative supplier for our club jerseys.

Up to now we've used Force GB, but we have been increasingly concerned about its viability:

  • It's advertised sales email address doesn't work
  • It's web site is no longer available
  • Production of the jerseys was reliant on a single individual and has ceased while he's not available
  • We've been told we need to order a larger number of items per order - meaning a longer wait for people ordering jerseys while we accumulate an order

As an alternative, we're investigating Owayo:

  • A long-established supplier
  • Allows ordering of single items
  • Allows you to order items directly
  • Many of us have the Hayling Cycle Ride jerseys supplied by Owayo, and the quality is good

Owayo has a different product range to Force GB. You can see the jersey range here, and the gilet and jacket range here. Those pages also provide specs for the available clothing.

Owayo has an online designer that I've used to produce a design that's similar to our existing one. It has some restrictions, so I couldn't make an exact match. Also, I've made the wording more visible than the white on yellow in the existing design. These are my attempt at men's short and long sleeve jerseys (click any to see a larger version)...

Compare this to our existing design...

NB the actual Force GB colours vary from its design.

I estimate the jerseys will cost under £10 more than Force GB club prices - which we can reasonably expect to have increased significantly - and that costs will be comparable to Force GB's one-off jersey pricing.

The committee has yet to discuss what discount the club will offer (currently 10%) and how rebates will work.

Please let me or any committee member know if you have feedback for us.