Portsmouth CTC AGM 2024 - Papers

I've added some detail to the AGM event description here.

If you are attending the AGM next Tuesday, please take a moment to read through:

We will not be presenting the detailed minutes/reports at the meeting.

There will be a brief presentation from Alex Cuppleditch of Cycling UK (and a PCTC member) following the AGM. She will summarise this presentation and answer any questions you might have. Please take time to page through the slides before the meeting.

Click the 'Open in new window' button to see the presentation full screen.

If you'd like to order a meal for the following social, we can offer:

  • Haddock and chips: £6.99
  • Cod and chips: £12.99
  • Sausage and chips: £6.98
  • Veggie burger and chips: £9.58

In hindsight we should have rounded those amounts up to whole pounds. Please bring exact money with you or be prepared to lose 1 or 2p.

You have until Friday to let Ian Hewitt know what you'd like either by email ihewitt8@btinternet.com or at 023 9241 2941. Alternatively you can bring your own.

Andy Henderson
Secretary, Portsmouth CTC