Photo competition

In past years there's been a tradition of alternating the method of awarding the trophy between a vote by attendees and a review by an external judge. This year we're breaking with that tradition and we will again ask attendees… Read the full entry

Christmas party & quiz

Bring your brains, a plateful of finger food to share, and whatever you fancy to drink.… Read the full entry

Work of the RSPB

Wez Smith - Sites Manager for RSPB - talks about the work of the RSPB in Langstone and Chichester Harbours.… Read the full entry

Finding myself down under

Phil Nelson’s slideshow and talk illustrates selected parts of his recent four month tour.… Read the full entry

Cycle through the sky

... pedal-powered aircraft are on the up. Ian Parker is a member of the British Human-Powered Flying Club and will talk about the history of human-powered aircraft, his own experiences, and where it could all lead, possibly towards recreational flying.… Read the full entry

Behind the scenes at LEL

Phil Beed gives us some insights into the four-yearly London - Edinburgh - London Audax ride which Phil helped to marshal. We'll also hear from John Rosbottom who rode the event.… Read the full entry

Cycle tours in Europe

A presentation by Kate and Colin Pim.… Read the full entry

Essential first aid

Heather Mulgrew-Tonge introduces us to some First Aid including CPR.… Read the full entry