What you need

It's not our intention that new riders should have to invest heavily in equipment, clothing, tools, or spares before joining a ride. You need a serviceable bike, but you don't need special cycle clothing as long as you are protected from the elements. Spares and tools can come in handy but you will be riding with experienced riders who carry spares and tools with them. It is, however, prudent to bring a suitable inner tube with you since there's no guarantee that we can accommodate punctures in every type of tyre.

If you are a not a Cycling UK member, or you are under 18, you should bring a completed ride entry form with you.

You should consider bringing the following in case you need them:

  • A map or maps covering the general area of the ride. Even a page taken out of a motoring map can be useful should you get detached from a ride (although we try hard to prevent that happening).
  • Money. Most rides stop for elevenses. Others stop for lunch, and yet others stop for tea. The ride description will indicate where we intend to stop. You should therefore bring money for a drink and a bite at coffee/tea stops. Some riders take packed lunches, others find a café or pub for lunch. In any case you should bring some cash and/or cards in case of emergencies.
  • A mobile phone could be very useful, if you have one.
  • Please carry details of an emergency contact with you - in your wallet or purse, for example.
  • Water is particularly important during hot summer months - you need to be able to take a drink from time to time to avoid dehydration.
  • Some food with plenty of calories can help you replenish energy on long or fast rides.

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