Virgin Media/NTLWorld issue

I'm seeing a lot of rejected emails from Virgin Media and NTLWorld - they're the same thing.

It didn't take a lot of googling to find that it's a general problem, not specific to us. Bounce messages say the Virgin Media/NTLworld email servers aren't responding.

Bearing in mind that:

It could be time to switch email providers.

Setting up your own email address with its own domain allows you to switch broadband suppliers without having to change your email address. I've had the same address for decades having switched several times.

There are loads of suppliers that can provide the service. FWIW, I use IONOS. A big benefit is that it sends me a daily email telling me about any messages that have gone to spam.

One thought on “Virgin Media/NTLWorld issue

  1. Just to clarify, I think Andy’s saying that the problem is with Virgin Media or NTL World email addresses, not PCTC Amazon mail service.

    If your email is Virgin or NTL, you can easily create your own personal email address, like, for about £10 a year, or gmail for free. You can then use it on Virgin broadband or any other.

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