Our club magazine, The Pedal, is published twice a year in May and November. It’s full of interesting articles and club news. It's an online publication delivered free to all Portsmouth CTC members. It works with all kinds of device.

Alternatively, you can print a copy to read it that way.

Members can also browse an online archive of all Pedals produced since 2001. The oldest edition in our library is from 1956!

Contribute an article

We welcome articles from Portsmouth CTC members.

Articles should be somewhere between 250 and 1250 words. Try to illustrate your article with photos, maps, and diagrams wherever possible. Full articles describing cycling adventures and tours are great and we continue to need them, but short articles are equally welcome. If you’ve never written an article before, why not get together with a friend and write a joint effort; writing in pairs or threes can be quite productive.

Technical articles are also welcome. If you’ve acquired a new bike, tell us about it: what’s good about it and what’s not so good. Or maybe a short review of a cycling component or a new bit of cycling kit.

Other cycling issues such as new routes or campaigns are also welcome.

Tip 1 – if you’ve got a story that’s interesting then write it up whilst it’s fresh in your mind, rather than waiting for a publication deadline. You can always submit something weeks before the deadline.

Tip 2 – Don’t overly worry about spelling and grammar, the editor will sort the technicalities out. Some of the most creative people are not that great at the technicalities of their profession (Paul McCartney can’t read music; Richard Branson suffers from Dyslexia, etc). Set your inner creative self-free!

Submit your articles to the editor: