Support cycling in Hampshire's new Transport Policy v4

Hampshire County Council are rewriting their Local Transport Policy for the climate crisis.

Obviously, they'll do something for cycling, to reflect the Government’s "Gear Change for Cycling”.

But we think they need to do more than that :

  • Put cycling and walking at its core.
  • Adopt the new LTN 1/20 cycle design standards.
  • Give Hampshire Highways responsibility and budget to deliver a comprehensive county-wide cycle network.

All local transport decisions are effectively made by Hampshire County Council - so we’re setting up Green Travel Hampshire to lobby them.

Hampshire wants public input before Sunday 28th February. There will be huge pressure from the motoring lobby - please make sure our voice is heard.

Please click here to support cycling.

And ideally, fill in their survey - a little bit harder, but we'll give you some help.
Thank you for supporting cycling!

About Wilf Forrow

I'm a retired IT consultant, and a touring and utility cyclist. I'm particularly interested in campaigning for better cycle infrastructure, and a member of Sustrans and Cycle Hayling, amongst others. I am fascinated by cycle technology, and especially folders.

3 thoughts on “Support cycling in Hampshire's new Transport Policy v4

  1. How will Green Travel Hampshire work?
    Like will someone from each campaign group attend meetings then as Green Travel Hampshire go to meetings at Hampshire County Council

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