Orbital Bike Festival - aka - Brompton World Championships

This is taking place over this weekend (26th/27th July) at the Goodwood Motor circuit. I plan to cycle over to Goodwood on Sunday (27th), and have just read that CTC members get a 50% discount on the entry price of £12. If anyone wants to join me I suggest we meet at the Havant Spring at around 09.00. Robert Sebley

About Robert Sebley

Retired naval engineer, having served in the merchant navy as a a 'steam' engineer(6 years with an oil company) and then in the RN as a Weapon Electrical officer (18 years), finally completing my career supporting the RN as a civil servant (16 years). Married with 4 children and 3 grand children.

3 thoughts on “Orbital Bike Festival - aka - Brompton World Championships

  1. I'll be at Chichester station between 12.30 and 1.00 as an official CTC ride leader to the event. Apparently I get free entry so I might see you there.


  2. Joy and I are helping out on the Sustrans stall, and have been told that it's now Sunday only.

  3. Phil Nelson and I are attending - making our own way there probably.

    We both took advantage of the CTC 50% discount but be warned, it's a right pfaff - you have to register as though you were going to be an entrant to the race, but persevere and you'll get there.

    You don't appear to be emailed a ticket, so I PDF'd/Printed the web page confirming my payment etc - as I said, a bit of a pfaff!

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