Historic Billy Trail planning document

This document was produced by the Railway Path Project based in Bristol - a precursor to Sustrans. It was commissioned by the Havant and District Safe Cycling Campaign - many of the activists were Portsmouth CTC members including current members Keith Wileman and Mike Edwards.

The document was aspirational but you can see much of what became the Billy Trail in the proposal.

All the pages of the proposal follow as scanned images. Click on sections of the document to zoom in to that section.

1 thought on “Historic Billy Trail planning document

  1. Interesting that the proposal includes a cycle path along the embankment from The Ship car park and UNDER the bridge, thus avoiding the need for a road crossing. They suggest it would be useable by dinghy sailors as well (although not with masts up!).

    And it also suggests a guard rail between the path and the road. Their view was that while the path was narrower than ideal, this was compensated for by the few pedestrians and the good sight lines. And that was before the bridge path was widened. Several parents have said this would give them much more confidence to cycle with children over the bridge, and Cycle Hayling has discussed it. Perhaps we should push for that?

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