Slindon, Southwater park & Arundel

  • Starts: Saturday 11 June 2016 9:00 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser:
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  • Route grade: A - Demanding route
  • Ride to elevenses grade: C - Moderate route

Address: Roman Way, Fishbourne, PO19 3QR

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This is a car/train-assisted ride starting from Fishbourne Roman Palace at 9am I aim to leave Fishbourne at 9am; I have persuaded the café to open at 8.30 for tea, coffee and bacon rolls, if anyone is would like breakfast before we start! Please let me know in advance if interested as I will need to let the café know a few days beforehand. Our route to elevenses takes us via Bognor and Barnham and is mostly flat; 23 miles to The Forge at Slindon. There is the option of an earlier stop at the Windmill tea rooms in Barnham, for those looking for a less strenuous outing. From there we head to Southwater via Amberley, West Chiltington and Coneyhurst, another 23 miles & 1200 feet of climbing before lunch at the country park. There is a rail station nearby at Christ's Hospital, as an easier return to base option! After lunch we head to Arundel via Shipley, Ashington & Storington for afternoon tea after a further 22 miles and again 1200 feet of climbing. Then it just leaves 15 flat miles to return to Fishbourne, with a round trip total of 83 miles. The route is lumpy but not excessively hilly; the biggest climb being out of Amberley towards Arundel.

To Slindon

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To Southwater

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To Arundel

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To Fishbourne

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