Easy Ride

I had my first ride as a new member on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite a few sores here and there. I would just like to thank Andy, Paul and the rest of the group for their support during the ride and it was a pleasure to meet the other members that took part. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks


steve masters

About Steve Masters

My name is Steve, I am 59 and have just got back into cycling and wanted to join a club for the social benefits it offers in addition to the exercise it provides. At 14 years old, my school sent us to Herne Hill race track in London twice a week, we used fixed wheel bikes and I found this very exciting and fast moving, but having left school at an early age, my interest wained, until now. I have bought a good second hand Bmax T5 racer, it's been checked out and a few adjustments made. When I first took it out on the road, I got the same sought of rush I got as a lad, and was very pleased with the bike. I'm not really into taking part in serious racing as I feel I may have passed my sell by date, but I still enjoy a challenge, so I hope to start out steadily on one of PCTC's easy rides to get the feel for it and also meet like minded people.