Checking/replacing a derailleur hanger

Until I saw this video, I had no idea what a derailleur hanger was, or what it did. It turns out to be a useful part to know about and is easily replaced if necessary...

Checking/replacing a drailleur hanger

1 thought on “Checking/replacing a derailleur hanger

  1. Well, it might be easy to replace, and then again it might not?

    Firstly, there are many different shapes and sizes of hangers - just take a look at this St John Street Cycles page to get some idea of the number of variations -

    Secondly, some bike frames do not have detachable hangers - they are part of the metal work of the frame

    Thirdly - there are probably other types as well, but my knowledge of bikes is limited

    Hangers are not a problem for those with hub gears though 🙂

    So if you are of a cautious nature, go and see what type of hangers are on your bikes and see if you can source replacements.

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