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Cycle Magazines placed in waiting rooms

We’d like your help with a new scheme to advertise Portsmouth CTC.

We all receive the CTC magazine Cycle every 2 months after which it probably gathers dust in some corner or is recycled in the green bin. The plan is that members place their old unwanted copies of Cycle in local waiting rooms in their area so that those waiting for, say, their doctor or dentist have an opportunity to browse through the magazine and ‘discover’ CTC, and also their local Membership Group. You need to remove the Cycle Contact page so we don’t pass personal telephone addresses on to non-CTC members. Instead we’ll staple or sellotape inside the Portsmouth CTC contact details, together with some basic information, so that if a reader’s interest is provoked they can follow it up. I attach a suggested A5 Waiting Rooms Publicty Scheme Flyer for you to print off and use.

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CTC funding opportunities

Each year we can claim an annual grant which is a fixed amount - determined by CTC Council - available to all member groups. We always put in a claim for this grant.

We can also submit applications for additional grants for specific purposes. This document provides guidelines for claiming specific grants and this document is the application form.

If you think you have a cause deserving of a CTC grant, please raise it with a committee member first so we can discuss it at our next committee meeting.