Ride leader workshop

As you may be aware we are very short of leaders for the Wednesday and Saturday Havant rides. For the current 3 month programme, initially only 4 people put their names down to lead rides. This not only puts pressure on those four but could ultimately threaten the rides. We are therefore looking for potential new leaders.

It might seem a big step, but it really isn’t, and to help with that, we’re arranging a workshop

The workshop is intended to introduce and discuss the various aspect of ride leadership.

All non-ride leaders who feel they could and would like to support the rides programme by becoming ride leaders are invited, as are existing active ride leaders. We plan to have a short ride to a café, where over coffee/tea/cake, we will hold the workshop, possibly on a Thursday morning in January (10th, 17th, or 24th). There would be no obligation to become a ride leader.

We need to settle a date, so please tell us what dates you can do and thereby we can maximise the numbers attending.


Robert Sebley
PCTC President

About Robert Sebley

Retired naval engineer, having served in the merchant navy as a a 'steam' engineer(6 years with an oil company) and then in the RN as a Weapon Electrical officer (18 years), finally completing my career supporting the RN as a civil servant (16 years). Married with 4 children and 3 grand children.

6 thoughts on “Ride leader workshop

  1. I already have Thursday the 24th as the date in my diary and am now unable to attend as a supporter on the 17th.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I am now able to attend your workshop and will meet at the Spring.

    Bob Prynn

  3. Yes I can do this Rob, Spring at 09.00 on Thursday 24th Jan.
    Also do you know if anyone picked up a pair of Bergahaus waterproof trousers today at the Spring, (Wed 16th) I must have left them there after taking them off when I arrived .
    I posted a 'draft' about it, but not sure if a 'draft' gets posted or how to post on the suite?

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