Petersfield & West Meon

  • Starts: Wednesday 27 March 2019 9:15 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Anthony Beggs
  • Category:
  • Ride grade: A - Demanding ride
  • Ride to elevenses grade: B - Hilly ride

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Anthony Beggs.


PLEASE NOTE DESTINATIONS CHANGED. This is because the ride the following week was using the same / similar route for a significant part of the way.

Havant to Petersfield: via Rowlands Castle, Finchdean, Buriton, Causeway: 13 miles.

Petersfield to West Meon via Steep, Oakshott, Priors Dean, Froxfield, Brockwood, Wheely Down, Warnford. From Warnford to West Meon, I will use Lippen Lane, NOT A32: 21 miles. There is a bail out point at 15 miles to cut out approx 4 miles of route to W. Meon.

I am planning to go around the bottom of the Hangers, so very hilly, up and down, with some steep hills, of varying length, and up to 20%. (1800 ft of climbing = 2 Butsers; of which over 1000 ft in first 7 miles).

West Meon to Havant: via East Meon, Butser cutting/ Clanfield to suit. 19 miles.

11's PETERSFIELD: There are many places to have 11's. I am intending to go to Plump Duck by the Lake (quite small with outside seating for 16, probably dozen inside if not busy) . Other options in and around the Square are Heidi, Josie, Cafe Nero, Cloisters. Others in High st and surrounding streets. There are lots of railings to secure bike to.

LUNCH in WEST MEON in Village store /post office; this is a very small cafe, so you may have to be patient, but they should be able to cope. New bike racks, and covered area seating. There is pub  (Thomas Lord) opposite, but expensive.

For anyone joining at Petersfield, then I suggest meeting outside St Peter's church in the Square for departure at 11.00 to go on to lunch stop.

For anyone of a literary bent, then we will be passing several locations which were the inspiration for some poems of the local poet Edward Thomas, killed 1917 battle of Arras. If you are interested, then let me know and I will point them out. The ashes of Guy Burgess, the spy, are in West Meon graveyard.

About Saturday and Wednesday rides

Rides from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. Average speed is 11-12 mph; if you're slower, someone will wait for you.

If you'd prefer not to do the full day ride, you're welcome to join us as far as the elevenses stop and come back from there. Please make sure the ride leader knows that's what you intend to do so we can make sure someone is available to come back with you.

Larger rides split into multiple groups:

  • A fast group that takes a longer and/or hillier route to the elevenses stop
  • The rest of the main ride which takes a more direct route to the elevenses stop
  • An elevenses ride comprised of riders going only to elevenses; the elevenses ride will have its own ride leader and might go to a different destination if the route to the main elevenses destination is long and/or hilly

The rides are informal and riders are free to join and leave the ride at various points. Some ride directly to the elevenses stop.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you.

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