TriVets ride

  • Starts: Saturday 6 July 2019 9:00 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: John Rosbottom
  • Supported by: Andy Henderson
  • Category:
  • Route grade: C - Moderate route
  • Ride to elevenses grade: D - Flattish route
At: The Spring Centre, Havant

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre web site is here.

More details and map.

Contact us about this event

Send an email to leader: John Rosbottom.
Send an email to supporter: Andy Henderson.
Send an email to both John Rosbottom and Andy Henderson.


Post-update update (9 October)

I recently received the following from Cycling UK. If any riders are affected here is the explanation:

Dear John

I just wanted to give you an update on the Trivets badges that were ordered by some of the participants in this years events.

We have been waiting sometime for these to be delivered to us and have been regularly chasing the manufacturer. Unfortunately when they arrived this week they had been produced in the wrong size. A fresh production run is being made and we should have the badges in the correct size within the week. We have advised those participants who included an e mail address on their order form but just wanted to let you know the up-to-date position in case you are approached.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Best Wishes

Julie Rand

Apologies for any disappointment; it's one of the risks of buying unseen. Following a loss that looked to me like some curious fingers in the postal pipeline I no longer buy medals that I can't see and take away, but ymmv ... John.

Post-ride update

I hope everybody enjoyed the ride on 6 July in what were near-perfect riding conditions.

I can now let you know the protocol for ordering a Tri-Vets badge and/or date bar. Go to the Cycling UK shop where you can place your order directly. The rather smart badges are £4.50, and date bars are £2.50.

Those riders who requested a certificate should have received an email from me with an attached copy of their certificate. Non-Portsmouth CTC riders will receive a printed certificate in the post. (If you haven't received an email, or we don't have your home address, or you would rather collect in person on a future ride please let me know.) Portsmouth CTC riders who would like a printed certificate can arrange to collect it on a future ride (to save postage - please check your email).

Portsmouth CTC Triennial Veterans Ride

Every three years, Cycling UK organises a number of triennial veterans' rides. Member groups around the country organise rides where over 50s (and anyone else who wants to join in) seek to ride 100 miles in 12 hours or less.

We will be running both a 100 mile event and a 100 km event. To register for the event, please complete this form.

Tri-Vets rides have been organised by CTC Member Groups since Cycling UK’s 50th anniversary year in 1928. Their aim is to provide a fun ride on lovely, quiet routes through pleasant countryside that is moderately challenging and includes coffee, lunch and tea stops.

Certificates can be awarded to all riders upon successful completion of the ride, and there will, as always, be the opportunity for participants to purchase a commemorative badge and/or date bar in recognition of their achievement. These are ordered through ride organisers and distributed by them after the event. Cycling UK will coordinate with the suppliers to order date bars and badges in bulk once numbers are known – they are not likely to be available for 6-8 weeks after the event. Costs this year are likely to be in the region of £5 for a badge and £3 for a date bar, depending on quantities ordered. Portsmouth CTC will add a further £1.50 to cover postage and packing.


The route is a figure 8 centred on Havant Spring Centre. The first loop is 100 km mainly in West Sussex. The second loop is 60 km in Hampshire. (160 km = 100 miles). It is divided into seven stages, punctuated by refreshment stops.

Click to show the route

Download the GPX file

Stage 1: Havant to West Dean

Rider notes: 33.4 of the easiest, flattest kilometres anywhere (and one third distance for the 100 km group). The route shows us some delightful coast, and peaceful countryside, and gives us the opportunity to sample some of the cycling infrastructure provided by West Sussex County Council which will keep us well away from the traffic surrounding the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

Stage 2: West Dean to Badgers

Rider notes: 19.5 km to lunch at the pub. The valley from Singleton through East Dean to the A285 is peaceful and very scenic. The less peaceful A285 takes us to a fine viewpoint on Duncton Hill from where we descend to Caution! a right turn on the left hand bend at the bottom of the hill. We turn left at Barlavington into a narrow lane where Extra caution! in places the surface rapidly deteriorates to a dangerous state.

To save time you can choose in advance from the main menu or the sandwiches menu, or bring your own picnic if you prefer.

Stage 3: Badgers to Havant

Rider notes: 51.3 km of quiet and very quiet lanes just North of the South Downs. Our way over the Downs follows the Butser Cutting, a cycle path Portsmouth CTC campaigned persistently to create. Refreshments back at the Spring!

Stage 4: Havant to Titchfield

Rider notes: A 31.5 km ride through Hampshire lanes, typically rather more open than those in West Sussex. We pause in the delightful village of Titchfield for supplies from the Coop, and public toilets if needed.

Stage 5: Titchfield to Portsmouth Road

Rider notes: Back down to the coast with some fabulous views of the Isle of Wight. After 9.4 km, the Old Ship, near Portsmouth Road, offers some fast food if refuelling is required from a varied menu.

Stage 6: Portsmouth Road to Fareham

Rider notes: Almost the entirety of this 16.1 km section is on off-road cycle paths; a triumph by Gosport council! By the time we get to Fareham we have completed 100 miles, if it's convenient for anybody to end their ride here feel free to do so (but please let the leader know). 

Stage 7: Fareham to Havant

Rider notes: The final stage of 14 km climbs Portsdown Hill (for the views) then follows the ridge of the hill before descending back to Havant with 178 km completed. A shorter, flatter, unscenic alternative is available ... we can decide on the day which way to go.

About Saturday and Wednesday rides

Rides from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. If you're unable to keep up or have a mechanical problem, someone will be available to help you - although we obviously cannot guarantee to solve all problems.

Riders are free to join and leave the ride at various points. Some ride directly to the elevenses stop.

Click either heading below to find out more about Wednesday and Saturday rides:

Wednesday rides

Wednesday rides are the largest of our rides and can provide a range of options to riders. We often split into multiple groups at the start, for example:

  • A fast group that takes a longer and/or hillier route to the elevenses stop
  • A ride which takes a more direct route to the elevenses stop at a moderate pace
  • An elevenses ride comprised of riders going only to elevenses; the elevenses ride will have its own ride leader and might go to a different destination if the route to the main elevenses destination is long and/or hilly

On Wednesdays it is highly likely that there will be several riders coming back to the Havant area from the elevenses stop - although they might not include a PCTC ride leader. If that is what you'd like to do, please consult the ride leader at the start to ensure someone knows and is able to bring you back.

In addition, some rides split after elevenses to go at different paces or to alternate destinations. These are usually announced during the ride briefing. Please ask if you are unsure about the options available.

Saturday rides

Saturday rides are (usually) much smaller than Wednesday rides. As a result they offer fewer options for rides but more flexibility for routes and destinations.

The rides are often shown as 'informal' meaning there is no prescribed ride leader. Unless weather is particularly adverse, however, they always go ahead at the stated time and start point. We try to keep to the suggested elevenses destination to allow for people who want to ride directly there.

The lunch destination does change occasionally but we will always take views of riders into account. In particular, if you join a ride because you think you can manage the distance/hilliness, we would not substitute an alternative if it meant you couldn't join the ride.

If you want to ride with us but only to elevenses and need someone to help you with the route back, please use our general enquiry form to let us know in advance of the ride so we can try to arrange something for you.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you on one of these rides.

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