Ride leader workshop

  • Starts: Thursday 24 January 2019 9:15 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Robert Sebley
  • Category:
At: The Spring Centre, Havant

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre web site is here.

More details and map.

Contact us about this event

Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Robert Sebley.


We have around 10 potential new ride leaders who can attend this workshop, as well as a number of existing active ride leaders. The plan is to meet at the Spring, Havant, at the usual time to set off at 9.15 and ride to an elevenses stop, provisionally, and to be confirmed, as Goodwood.

Happy to add to the numbers with anyone else who feels they could contribute to the workshop or has an interest in ride leadership.

Please let me know if you haven't yet responded to the initial email, but you do plan to attend.

The venue for the Ride Leader Workshop is confirmed as Goodwood.

8 thoughts on “Ride leader workshop

  1. Our list of registered ride leaders is lengthy but there is a shortage of those coming forward to lead rides - I do think it would be useful for the committee to poll the ride leaders as to why they are not leading rides. Knowing this may be useful in sorting out the shortages?

    I'll kick off why I no longer lead rides:
    1. One of the joys of being retired is having the flexibility to do 'things' at the drop of a hat - do I want to commit to ride leading upto 3 months ahead?
    2. The Wed rides attract large numbers - too large for my own level of comfort I'm afaid, to say nothing of finding a suitable 11's venue.
    3. I rarely ride from Havant with a Wed/Sat group, preferring instead to meet the group at the 11's stop where the onward rider numbers are less.
    4. Ride etiquette - the lack of etiquette leaves me feeling nervous at times, nervous at the impatience this can cause other road users and the knock-on effects to other riders in the group and their safety.

    I don't have a ready solution to the above but I will endevour to come along to the Ride Leader workshop on the 24th Jan to join in any debate to be had.

    With my best wishes, AlanM

    1. Hi All,
      I hear what Alan is saying regarding leading rides. The large groups on Wednesdays are quite intimidating. There are also opportunities for leading smaller groups such as Roger`s Sunday rides or the Thursday evening rides or the coffee group on a Wednesday morning.
      I intend joining the Ride Leader Workshop tomorrow. Hoping that the weather is a little warmer and less icy first thing.

      1. Not to mention the Saturday rides which are much more manageable and a good entry point for new leaders.

  2. Robert, in case you don't see my email; I wondered if you have considered delaying this ride tomorrow. We could make it a lunch stop by leaving Havant & Rowlands Castle at 1100.



    1. Hi Clive,

      Sorry - can't find your email.
      Unfortunately it is a bit late to change the arrangements now, with around 20 members due to come and I don't know if the Goodwood cafe does lunches.


      1. I will go to Havant by train and take it from there. It`s colder than it was yesterday morning.

  3. It is frozen over up here top of Portsdown Hill. I am going to wait until 10:00 and hope it thaws. If it does then I will ride via Bosham to avoid the icy lanes and then Chichester. Hence hope to make it by 11 ish.
    If I am not there then you will know that it is too risky.

  4. A big Thank You to all who came to the Ride Leader Workshop held at the Goodwood café on 24th Jan, and which I thought was well worth it with many valuable and interesting contributions from all present.

    There where 21 members at the workshop of which 12 were potential new ride leaders, all of whom have agreed to take the next step to becoming ride leaders, as described in the notes.

    The 12 Candidate Ride Leaders from the workshop are:
    John Blaber
    Martin Fishwick
    Rod Smith
    Heather Mulgrew
    Bill Tonge
    David Jelley
    Kevan Harding
    Marilyn Crocker
    David Giffard
    Martyn Roberts
    Dee Warner
    David Caston

    Active ride leaders are now requested to invite one of those from the above list to deputise on one of their rides.

    I will attach the notes of the workshop to an email to follow.


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