Date of birth request

Following discussion in the PCTC committee, we'd like PCTC members to consider providing us with your date of birth. That would allow us to:

  • Identify any upward drift of age that could indicate a recruitment issue
  • Produce a more accurate return to Cycling UK which asks us for an age analysis each year
  • Campaign for cycle provision - for example, a recent planning application by McCarthy and Stone implied that old folk are not interested in cycling!

Entry of your date of birth is optional. If you are concerned that your birthday might get into the wrong hands, you can use a date that is a day or so out. That will have no material effect on the stats but will obscure the real date. For what it's worth, I've entered my actual birthday.

To provide your date of birth:

  • See the new 'Date of birth' section of your profile:
    • Click/tap this link; or
    • Log in to the site and click/tap the 'Your profile' link shown at the foot of every page
  • Alternatively, send me or Tricia Farnham your date of birth so we can enter it for you


  • You can remove your date of birth at any time via your profile or through a request to me or Tricia
  • Dates of birth are visible only to site administrators
  • Dates of birth are used only to aggregate statistics based on age for use in campaigns and reports
  • Statistics generated by the site will not disclose individual birth dates

There's more information in our published privacy policy.

Please let me know if the above does not address all your concerns.

Thank you,

Andy Henderson
Secretary, Portsmouth CTC