Butser Cutting update

Raymond Brown Construction Ltd is building Sections 1, 3, 4 and 5. Since Tuesday 5th May it has been setting up the site offices and mobilising materials ready for main works to start today (11th May).

The programme is being finalised but the order of works per section is as follows:

  • Section 1: The Causeway – May to August
  • Section 2: A3 Slip road and old A3 – Highways England’s contractor is due to be appointed shortly for works to start mid June
  • Section 3: Forest Track – June to mid September
  • Section 4: Adjacent to A3 Southbound – May to mid September
  • Section 5: Queen Elizabeth Country Park – June to September

The summary map here and the more detailed map here show the different sections.

Highways England (Formally Highways Agency) owner of the old A3 has given approval for both County and Highways England contractors to share the compound near the junction with the A3 slip road.

Please see the Hampshire website for the latest information and updates.

3 thoughts on “Butser Cutting update

  1. On Thursday May 21st, I saw sign on 'old A3' south of Petersfield 'road works for 21 weeks starting May 12th.'
    Workmen were erecting barriers !

    1. Clearance proceeding apace! But the interesting bit around the steep bank, into and from, QECP has yet to be tackled.

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