Roger's scary video of Machu Picchu

Roger Carradus has Roger Machu Picchubeen mountain biking in Peru, and found time to take this fabulous video - as shown at the AGM. It's a bit scary if you're only used to cycling on flat roads without suspension, fat tyres and disk brakes, but spectacular scenery and beautifully produced - well worth 5 minutes of your time.

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I'm a retired IT consultant, and a touring and utility cyclist. I'm particularly interested in campaigning for better cycle infrastructure, and a member of Sustrans and Cycle Hayling, amongst others. I am fascinated by cycle technology, and especially folders.

5 thoughts on “Roger's scary video of Machu Picchu

  1. I was planning on going to Peru a few years ago with Redspokes, after going to Vietnam with them. However I was concerned about reports of roving packs of wild dogs with a field reputation. Rabies is endemic there so I gave it a miss. Looks like Roger encountered at least one of those dogs.

    1. We were drilled on how to deal with dog packs when we got there, but I was unaware of the risk before arriving. I was one of only two without anti-rabies vaccine. I prepared well for mosquitoes by treating my clothing and taking loads of deet only to be told it would only be needed at Machu Picchu and it was currently out of season there!

  2. Woohoo ... thanks for sharing that Roger. The thing that scares me most is the thought of doing vigorous exercise at altitude! Fantastic scenery. Looking forward to hearing more on a future club run 🙂

    1. I was at least 20 years older than the rest. They suffered altitude sickness in the two days after the two day rest for acclimatisation. I was fine until the fifth day then I had fever and a persistent headache until we flew back down to Lima. I was at a good fitness level when I arrived in Peru, but after the fifth day I felt I had a good engine, but insufficient fuel to run it.

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