Hill climb & freewheel competition

  • Starts: Thursday 23 June 2022
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Roy Pearce
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This year’s hill climb event will take place up Pigeon House Lane, starting at the ford OS Landranger Map 196, Map reference 650076 The course is approximately 0.8 miles (1.3km) with 230ft (70m) of climbing. It finishes at the sharp bend just before the lane joins the Portsdown Hill Road OS Landranger Map 196, Map Reference 650066.

The freewheel event will be contested first. It will start from just below the hill climb finish position, going down Pigeon House Lane across the ford and taking the left turn at the fork in the road. Should the ford be too high for safety, the freewheel will be run from the bus pull-in by the entrance to the Qinetiq Portsdown technology park down Southwick Hill Road towards the Southwick roundabout starting at OS Landranger Map 196, Map Reference 640070.

The freewheel has a separate class for Tandems.

For the climb, you state your anticipated time to complete the course. You then ride the course without a watch in a visible or easily accessible position, and with cycle computer removed. We will time you over the course, and the competitor with the time nearest to their estimate is the winner.

For the freewheel competition we secure your cranks to prevent you pedalling. You then start down the hill from a set point. We mark the place where you put a foot down. The winner is the competitor who has travelled the furthest distance before putting a foot down. If your pedal securing is found to be broken at the finish, your run will not count.

The entry fee again is an inflation busting 50p per event. You can enter more than once (by paying additional entry fees).

We'll meet up at the Spring Centre at 18.45 and cycle to the start as a group, or meet at the downhill start point at 19.30.
On completion, we plan to visit the “Churchillian” on Portsdown Hill, or go down to Cosham to the “First Post” for refreshments and socialising.

These are fun events with trophies for the winners. Usually the fiercely competed downhill event is very entertaining. Come and join in. If you feel that either event may be too strenuous, come and watch (the ford could be a good viewing point for the freewheel competition), and enjoy the pleasant socialising afterwards.

Bookings for this ride/event

This ride/event is unlimited and booking is not required. You're welcome to turn up on the day. Please come back to this page before joining in case we have to cancel or postpone.

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