The Spring 2022 edition of The Pedal is now available

You can read the latest edition here. If you are not already logged-in to the Portsmouth CTC site, you will need to log in to see it.

Contents list:

  • Stormy weather
  • Editorial opinions
  • Presidents' thoughts (that apostrophe is in the right place)
  • Fine weather for a bike ride
  • Going tubeless
  • Blueybells
  • The rain in Spain
  • Col ascents
  • Transcontinental cycling
  • Wildflower rides
  • Home automation 3
  • Mrs Pink and her sister go cycling again
  • Far east adventures
  • Dartmoor Ghost
  • Hill climb and freewheel competition 2022
  • Puzzle page

That's a good variety, I'm sure there's something to interest, if not inspire, you.

As you read the articles, remember to click photos - most will show you a larger version and you won't lose your place.

I'm looking forward to getting your contribution to the Autumn 2022 edition.


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