Solstice Ride - Cancelled

  • Starts: Monday 20 June 2022 9:00 pm
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Phil Beed
  • Category: ,
  • Route grade: A - Demanding route
At: Churchillian, The

Address: Widley Walk, Portsdown Hill, PO6 3LS

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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Phil Beed.


An overnight ride to watch the sunrise at Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice

Departing The Churchillian, Portsdown Hill, 9pm

Coffee/Drinks stop at Winchester, 11pm (36Km)

Early Breakfast at Amesbury Services, 3am (45Km)

Stonehenge to join the Solstice Celebrations and observe the sunrise, arriving around 4am, sunrise is at 4:50am (10Km)

We will be riding through the night so you will need good lights and warm clothing.

It can be chilly waiting for the sunrise at Stonehenge & I would recommend bringing a padded jacket or fleece to wear.

After sunrise we'll head into Salisbury (20Km) for a 2nd breakfast.

I've listed this as a demanding ride mainly due to it being overnight. Although it won't be a fast ride we will want to keep sufficient pace to get to Winchester and also to keep us warm riding through the early hours.

To get home:

If you're not use to riding overnight or long distances it's recommended you catch a train.

If you are more adventurous and wish to ride back the route is reasonably flat and I can provide you with a GPX file. There may be other riders you can join up with, but there will not be a led ride.

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