Rides on Wednesday 19 May

This our first attempt to organise a set of Wednesday rides following the proposal set out here. More details in the 'About Wednesday rides' section below.

It makes use of the extended pop-up ride mechanism together with new services to allow PCTC members and non-members to register an interest in riding on Wednesday, 19th May. Please let me know if you see any problems or issues.

Please consider registering yourself to:

  • Let ride leaders know what demand there is for rides
  • Allow us to manage rides so that you get the best chance of joining the kind of ride you want

There's no commitment to ride.

To book a place on a ride or add yourself to a wait list, please contact the ride's leader via the list below. For general queries, including advice on a suitable ride, please contact Andy Henderson.

So far we have organised the following ride(s) for Wednesday 19 May 2021:

  • 9:00am Arundel
    Led by: Bob Prynn
    Route grade: A - Demanding route (More about grades)
    There is a wait list for this ride
    Click here for more detail and to get on the wait list
  • 9:15am Havant to Southampton via Waltham Chase
    Led by: Phil Hebblethwaite
    Route grade: C - Moderate route (More about grades)
    There is a wait list for this ride
    Click here for more detail and to get on the wait list
  • 9:30am Prinsted
    Led by: Andy Henderson
    This is an easy ride
    Route grade: E - Short, flat route (More about grades)
    There are 7 spaces left on this ride
    Click here for more detail and to book a place
  • PCTC members who express a preference to be alerted about Wednesday rides will get email notifications of new rides. If you are a PCTC member, you can check your alert preferences.

About Wednesday rides

Wednesday rides usually start from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. If you're unable to keep up or have a mechanical problem, someone will be available to help you - although we obviously cannot guarantee to solve all problems.

Wednesday rides usually provide a range of options to riders as we'll try to arrange multiple rides with different paces, distance and degree of hilliness.

On Wednesdays it is likely that there will be several riders coming back to the Havant area after an elevenses stop - although they might not include a PCTC ride leader. If that is what you'd like to do, please consult the ride organiser before the day of the ride to ensure someone knows and is able to bring you back.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you on one of these rides.