PTH Virtual: Arundel

  • Starts: Saturday 11 July 2020 9:30 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Andy Henderson
  • Category:
  • Ride grade: C - Moderate ride

Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Andy Henderson.


Participation in the Paris to Hayling Virtual ride, requires cycling 180 miles (the nominal distance from Paris to Hayling) during the week of the cancelled Hayling Cycle ride.

This is the third of three rides - east, north and west - to meet that requirement.

The rides will all start in Havant and be over 50 miles each. The balance will be made up by cycling to the start and, if necessary, an extra loop or two on this ride.

We'll meet up in Havant and cycle to Arundel using the flat route via Woodmancote, West Stoke, Lavant, Fontwell, Walberton and Binsted.

There are several options for elevenses including: West Stoke, Goodwood aerodrome and, possibly, Aldingbourne. Toilet possibilities at the elevenses stops and in Arundel. Lunch overlooking the Arun or, if too busy we'll look for somewhere else.

From Arundel we'll come back via Ford, Eastergate, Aldingbourne, Oving, Chichester, Fishbourne and Emsworth.

Toilet possibilities in Chichester and at pubs on the way back.

If the weather is adverse, we'll slip the date to Sunday 12th.

Bookings for this ride

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About Pop-up rides

During the Covid-19 emergency, we are allowed by the UK Government and Cycling UK to organise small rides.

The size of our regular pre-emergency rides make it impractical for us to return to regular riding for the time being. Instead, individual ride leaders can create pop-up rides for any day and time, as long as they do it at least a full day ahead of time. People can then ask the ride leader for permission to join their ride. Leaders have complete discretion who they invite to join. It is vital that you do not join a pop-up ride unless you are invited by the ride leader, or your name appears in the booking list shown for each ride.

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