New Forest Circular

  • Starts: Wednesday 31 August 2022 9:00 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Terry Willis
  • Category:
  • Route grade: C - Moderate route
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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Terry Willis.


This is a ride of 120km(75m) around the New Forest starting from Ealing Tide Mill at 9.00am, taking in coastal routes, tourist hotspots and typical New Forest heathland on quiet roads most of the time but with some hot spots on route. The ride is mostly flat, with a few undulations.

To get to the start a short(ish) car trip is required. Take the M27 west to Junction 3, then the M271 south to join the A35 heading west. Left at the roundabout at the top of the Marchwood bypass then two left turns later and you’re at the (free) carpark, adjacent to Ealing toll bridge (Postcode: SO40 9GH). I would expect to depart from home at about 8.00am.

To save all attending driving, it would be preferable to car share if possible. I have space for two additional bikes on my bike rack. I can coordinate travel arrangements, just let me know your requirements or offers of space. Details on exact timings to follow.

The ride starts at Ealing Tide Mill carpark and heads south past Marchwood, passing the outskirts of both Dibden and Hardley. The ride runs parallel and also alongside the Hythe by-pass before heading to the quieter roads approaching Lepe country park, where we’ll stop for an early coffee at the Lookout cafe (20km/12m). Well needed after the journey down and after warming up the legs on the first few kilometres.

We then head towards the gardens of Highcliffe castle (44km/27m) for our lunch stop, passing by Exbury gardens, Beaulieu and it’s ancient river port Bucklers Hard, Lymington and New Milton.

After lunch we pass through Mudeford Quay and the outskirts of Christchurch before crossing the A35 and gradually heading into typical New Forest heathland. Skirting Bransgore and a couple of forest campsites we head into Burley and then onto the Ornamental Drive, a gentle climb where at the top an ice cream van (30km/18m) can normally be found!

The final stretch towards Lyndhurst, through Emery Down gets busier eventually running alongside the road on a cycle path to Ashurst. Crossing the A35 once again we head through Longdown to retrace our first few Kilometers back to the start.

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