The Loomies and Wickham Adventure - Limited Edition

  • Starts: Wednesday 13 March 2024 9:00 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Richard Smith
  • Supported by: Gail Russell
  • Category:
  • Route grade: B - Hilly route
At: Rowlands Castle recreation ground

Address: The Fairway, Rowlands Castle, PO9 6AQ

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Send an email to supporter: Gail Russell.


With a prompt start from Rowlands Castle at zero nine hundred hours we’ll be off on today’s adventure. Making our way at a medium pace to Hinton Manor Lane for our rendezvous with a fellow adventurer, it will then be a matter of following the route to West Meon, up the hill and down to Loomies for a welcome mug of tea and perhaps the burger challenge should anyone feel hungry. Leaving at the designated time, we head briefly north then south in a direct undulating route to Wickham for lunch. Let’s hope that there is some decent fare on offer wherever we go. Duly refuelled we set off on the final leg, again by the most direct route aiming to get back to Purbrook for fifteen hundred hours or thereabouts. The ride continues to Havant where the adventure ends for this week.

The current weather forecast is promising. Warm, small chance of rain and light winds from SSW.

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About Wednesday rides

Wednesday rides usually start from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. If you're unable to keep up or have a mechanical problem, someone will be available to help you - although we obviously cannot guarantee to solve all problems.

Wednesday rides usually provide a range of options to riders as we'll try to arrange multiple rides with different paces, distance and degree of hilliness.

On Wednesdays it is likely that there will be several riders coming back to the Havant area after an elevenses stop - although they might not include a PCTC ride leader. If that is what you'd like to do, please consult the ride organiser before the day of the ride to ensure someone knows and is able to bring you back.

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