Circular Hilly ride to Liss

  • Starts: Wednesday 21 April 2021 9:15 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Phil Hebblethwaite
  • Category:
  • Route grade: B - Hilly route
  • Ride to elevenses grade: B - Hilly route
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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Phil Hebblethwaite.


A circular ride of 40-50 miles return to Havant.
Route via Denmead,the sustainability Hill, to Ramsdean (for Elevenses) and onto Liss for a lunch stop.
Return via Petersfield and Ditcham park school to Rowlands castle.

My GPS registered 2,900 ft of climbing over 4 significant climbs.

Moderate speed (10-12mph)

Mostly country lanes with a short rideable track after the Harrow pub in Steep.

Bring your own refreshments as there is only a Tesco express at Liss.

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