CCP funeral honour guard

  • Starts: Friday 30 July 2021 10:45 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Andy Henderson
  • Supported by: Mike Skiffins
  • Category:
At: St Faith's Church, Havant

Address: South Street, Havant, PO9 1EH

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Chris Davies' funeral service is at 11am, Friday 30th July at St Faith's church in Havant.

There are no restrictions on attendance and all are welcome.

We are mounting two honour guards:

  1. To observe the entry of the coffin into the church. We will line the route from the North entrance to the church round to the West door. I suggest we assemble from 10.45. There is limited bike parking in the area. I won't be attending the ceremony so can keep an eye on bikes parked near the church - but you should keep them locked, in any case.
  2. After the service. Those that wish to join us will take our bikes to 19 East Street (see picture). Please keep an eye on Mike Skiffins as the service ends. He will lead you to a route away from the church that, hopefully, won't be blocked by other mourners.

    There is a side passage at the right of No. 19 that leads through to a car park behind. Please line up in the passage so we don't block the pavement. If necessary (and depending on numbers) we can use the pavement as it's a bit wider there. I will position myself between No 19 and the church and will let you know when the hearse is in East Street blocking the road for other vehicles. Please form up in two's behind me and Skiff to complete the honour guard. The hearse will be led by a lady who will walk to No. 19 where she will board the hearse and we will take over.

    Chris lived at Magnolia House for years before he went into a care home, and his uncle founded the dental practice there (CCP's grandfather founded Davies the chemist opposite the church). Some of the staff might be there to greet us. We will ring our bells as we go past. We will continue to escort the hearse at 10mph along East Street and Emsworth Road. We will turn off into Castle Avenue before reaching the roundabout leaving the hearse to continue to Warblington Cemetery at the end of Church Lane. Those who wish to attend the burial can follow the hearse.

Please let me know if you intend to be part of the honour guard and whether you will ride, or not. That's so I know numbers. I've ordered black arm bands and would like to be sure I have enough. Please wear Portsmouth CTC kit if you can - the older the better. The relatives are aware there'll be some gaudy clothing in the church and will appreciate the gesture.

We are all invited to attend the wake at the Brookfields Hotel.