Bob Kemp Memorial Ride 2022 & Tri-Vets 2022

  • Starts: Wednesday 6 July 2022 5:00 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Phil Beed
  • Supported by: Mike Lynch
  • Category:
  • Route grade: A - Demanding route
  • Ride to elevenses grade: C - Moderate route
At: The Spring Centre, Havant

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre web site is here.

More details and map.

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Send an email to leader: Phil Beed.
Send an email to supporter: Mike Lynch.
Send an email to both Phil Beed and Mike Lynch.


A Moderate Pace 100 mile (Imperial Century) Ride

Depart Havant Spring Centre 5am

Pick Up Point at Wickham 5.45am

First stop – Otterbourne Nissa Local – Coffee & Pastries (note, there are no toilet facilities at this stop)

Breakfast at the Kings Head Salisbury, free coffee refills – ordering is easier if you have the Wetherspoons App

Lunch at Stockbridge – Choice of cafes, shops or brink a picnic lunch

Finishing at The White Hart Denmead

Although this is a 100 mile ride, the pace will be reasonably easy, and within the capability of anyone who has previously completed 75-85 mile club rides.

The route to Salisbury is fairly flat, the return route is more undulating.

This years Ride will also be CUK Tri-Vets events; complete 100 miles within 12 hours to qualify for a Tri-Vets badge and certificate.

Ride preparation:

Things you will need to do in preparation and on the day:

  • Ensure your bike is in good repair, and bring spare inner tubes.
  • It will still be cool when we set out, so dress accordingly and bring clothing appropriate to the forecast.
  • Make sure you have plenty of fluids & saddle bag rations with you.

Download and familiarise yourself with the route, you may want to pack a map in your saddlebag.

Tri-Vets 2022 | Cycling UK

BKM 2022 complete 170Km - A bike ride in Havant, England (

Bookings for this ride/event

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To ask to join this ride, please use the 'Contact us about this ride' link above to send an email to the ride leader.

About Wednesday rides

Wednesday rides usually start from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. If you're unable to keep up or have a mechanical problem, someone will be available to help you - although we obviously cannot guarantee to solve all problems.

Wednesday rides usually provide a range of options to riders as we'll try to arrange multiple rides with different paces, distance and degree of hilliness.

On Wednesdays it is likely that there will be several riders coming back to the Havant area after an elevenses stop - although they might not include a PCTC ride leader. If that is what you'd like to do, please consult the ride organiser before the day of the ride to ensure someone knows and is able to bring you back.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you on one of these rides.