Birthday party and prize-giving

  • Starts: Saturday 28 August 2021
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Joy Forrow
  • Supported by: Wilf Forrow
  • Category:
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Send an email to leader: Joy Forrow.
Send an email to supporter: Wilf Forrow.
Send an email to both Joy Forrow and Wilf Forrow.


This event is to celebrate Portsmouth CTC's 95th birthday and to award the trophies for 2019/20 (since we were unable to do that in January). This will be followed by a BBQ for those who want to stay on. This will give us a chance to meet up with those we haven't been able to see for a long time. All welcome and you are welcome to bring your partner.

Chris Davies made a provision in his will to buy the club a tea. We've agreed with his brothers that the birthday party is an excellent opportunity so CCP will be standing for sandwiches and birthday cake at the do.

There will still be BBQ equipment on hand so bring your own burgers, sausages or whatever and something to drink to have for supper. If you're riding to the event and don't want to carry bottles or tins with you, you can leave your drinks at Wilf and Joy's place in advance. If they're not in, leave them behind the garage.


  • Wear your club kit if you have any!
  • Let Joy know if you're coming to the event. We don't want to over or under cater the event. There will be rain cover if needed.
  • Let Joy know ASAP if you intend to get to the event by car - she needs to know whether we need additional parking, or not.
  • If you are a ride leader, consider putting on a ride to get to the event around 3.30.


  • Arrive any time after 3.30pm - there is at least one ride that will include the event
  • 4pm Tea and Birthday cake
  • 5pm Presentation of Awards
  • From 6pm BBQ


Joy & Wilf’s house, Northney, Hayling Island (log in or use 'contact us about this event' link above for the address and how to get there).

A pleasant 1.5 mile ride from the bridge.


We haven't quite enough seats for everyone, so:

  • If you are driving please bring chairs for all in your vehicle and any extras you can manage (if you tag each one with your name, it might save some confusion when packing up)
  • Some will have to perch on the edge of the patio or on the grass

BBQ details

  • Bring your own BBQ food to cook, and any alcoholic drinks.
  • We’ll provide a roll each, ketchup, squash.


Car parking is available only if you've requested a space. We'll mail requesters individually with details. Some will be on our drive and some on neighbour's drives.

Leave bikes between the motorhome and the garage. There's plenty of room on the lawn and rear garage wall.