Arundel via Slindon

  • Starts: Wednesday 22 September 2021 9:15 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: Terry Willis
  • Category:
  • Route grade: B - Hilly route

Address: Rowlands Castle

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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Terry Willis.

This route will not be unfamiliar to many, with undulations before lunch and a flat(ish) route on the return, making a total of 88km(55m). Please be aware there are a couple of short busy stretches of road on this route.

Starting from Rowlands Castle we initially head north to Idsworth before heading to Compton and East Marden, up the hill and then down to Chilgrove and taking the country lanes to West Dean for a well earned Coffee at the village Stores & Tea Rooms (21km/13m).

Well refreshed, we head further east via Singleton and East Dean hill (sorry!) to the top of the downs before reaching the busy Petworth road for a short downhill stretch to Eartham and the village of Slindon. Another short busy stretch of road (A29 - caution required) towards Fairmile Bottom before we’re on the back roads again to Madehurst. After reaching the Whiteways Lodge roundabout on the A29 (caution required again - fast moving traffic), we take the London road uphill before descending into Arundel. Passing the castle, down to the river for the lunch stop at The Edible Sandwich (27km/17m).

The return route is relatively flat, heading initially towards Ford before turning west onto Ford Lane and into Barnham, Eastergate and Aldingbourne and taking the Ovington Road to the outskirts of Chichester. Passing through the city towards the town centre we’ll stop for tea at the canal basin (22km/14m) before heading back via the South Coast Cycle Route to Woodmancote and Westbourne before returning to Rowlands Castle.

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