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Help with route plotting and GPS

At the ride leader workshop in August we talked about running a further workshop to help ride leaders and members build confidence and independence in using GPS for planning routes and riding.

I believe that we have a lot of expertise within the Club that we could share but the workshop model may not be appropriate as there are many different systems and everyone will be at a different starting level. In order to take this forward could you e-mail me and tell me if you are interested, and what you would like help with. For example:

  • how to plot a route
  • finding and downloading routes – general
  • as ride leader, adding GPS to website
  • as ride leader, editing your ride on the website
  • advice on choosing a GPS
  • practical issues with using GPS
  • common GPS problems
  • other

We will need to know what system you are using. For example: Garmin or Phone.

For those who are already fluent with one or more systems, are you able/willing to help others and, again, on which devices, phones etc?

Once we know what help people want we can work out the best way to take this forward.

Thank you.

Joy Forrow

Stuck Seatpost

The seatpost on my Dawes Galaxy had been stuck for over 2 years. I couldn't move it and neither could the bike shop. At first I wasn't too bothered but when I was fitted for my new bike I realised that the saddle on the Galaxy was too low making it less comfortable and inefficient. I searched the web and methods of sorting it looked rather extreme and risked damaging the frame. Then a club-member suggested the Seatpost Man. He (John Lee) is based in Chorley, Lancs so not local but on the way to the North. He was very good at agreeing a time to suit me. I left the bike with him and in 2 hours it was done. Cost £60 but cheaper than a new frame and the bike is now a pleasure to ride (as well as being easier to pack up for touring!).

I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who has a similar problem. And what an excuse for a trip up North - cycling or otherwise!