Which is higher - Buriton Hill or Butser cutting

There was some discussion about this on todays ride. I went over both twice today and the heights (as measured on the Garmin) were consistently Buriton 141 metres and Butser cutting 163 metres. Note this is heights shown after readings were corrected for pressure changes.

2 thoughts on “Which is higher - Buriton Hill or Butser cutting

  1. Intuitively I'd have said Buriton Hill was higher. I checked with mapometer and my memory said they were the same height but it agrees with your GPS:

    Butser: http://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4444927.html - just under 700 feet.
    Buriton: http://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4444931.html - around 475 feet.

    To see the height graph, check 'Show Graphs' under the Graphs tab.

    For additional interest:

    South Harting: http://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4444933.html - just under 500 feet.
    Ditcham: http://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4444934.html - 600 feet.


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