How to join one of our rides

If you get COVID-19 symptoms or you might have been exposed to someone with the virus...

We describe the actions you should take here.

Bear in mind that most of your fellow riders - and people they live with - are more likely to suffer extreme reactions to the virus than the rest of the population. Please give them the best chance to avoid the worst effects of the infection by ensuring they know of a possible exposure.

Government guidance on the roadmap out of lockdown is here. Cycling UK describes its view on group cycling here.

These are the steps you should follow if you want to join any of our rides:

  1. Look for a ride you'd like to join. Forthcoming rides appear in the sidebar of most pages on this site. Click any ride for more detail. See below for some other ways to be notified of rides.
  2. If a ride requires you to book a place, you can email the ride leader to ask to join - there's a 'Contact us about this event' link on every ride page.
  3. The ride leader uses email to invite you to join the ride, and updates the ride page with a list of invitees. Please do not join a ride that requires booking unless you have received an invite or your name appears in the list on the ride page.
  4. Wednesdays are, traditionally, our most popular days for riding. If you'd like to ride on a Wednesday, please register your intention via the 'Rides on Wednesday...' link shown in the sidebar on the right (or below, if you are using a small screen). This does not commit you to ride, but lets leaders know what demand there is and encourages them to post rides. If you register we will notify you of new rides as they are added.

If you are unsure about which ride to join, you can:

  • Contact the Wednesday organiser to find out about rides on any given Wednesday, click the 'Rides on Wednesday...' link to do that.
  • Contact the leader of any ride via the ride page.
  • Contact us for general advice and guidance about any of our rides.

To find out about our rides, you can:

  • If you are a PCTC member, register for email notifications of rides via your profile. To get notifications of Wednesday rides, please register for the Wednesdays that interest you.
  • Review the list of forthcoming rides in the side bar of most pages in this site - including this one.
  • Review the full list of rides shown under the 'Types of ride menu'
  • Use one or more of our electronic feeds:


  • Read the ride details (including the 'About... ' section) carefully and only ask to join rides that suit your ability.
  • If you are invited to join a ride, do your best to be there on time; unless you have a good reason for not turning up, you might find it difficult to join future rides
  • Do not attempt to join a ride that requires booking unless invited

Click here for guidance to ride leaders wanting to organise a ride.