Warblington cycle track

Hi folks.

I just thought I would tell you about the new cycle track from the Billy Line to Warblington school.

It is a nice smooth surface with only a little bit missing at the moment. As yet it has no cycle track markings and there is no dropped curb at the school end (which might be dangerous) so you have to ride on the footpath if going north and meld into the traffic as you cross the rail track. If going south you still have to use the footpath to meet up with the cycle track to Emsworth which is across the road from the school. Maybe there will be some markings when they have completely finished it.

If the rail barrier is down when getting to the north end of the Billy Line it may be quicker to use this cycle lane as you only have to wait for one set of trains at Warblington and not two as you have to at New Lane.


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  1. I couldn't quite grasp Pop's directions so I ventured out to find this path myself earlier this week and this is what I found (which I think is the same as what Pop is describing?)
    > Warblington School is in Southleigh Rd and traveling northwards, is on the LH side of the road just before the rail crossing
    > Going westward (i.e. towards Havant), the new path is sandwiched between the rail track and the school's boundary and is about 4m wide with a tarmac surface. It is a shared cycle path, with dropped kerb access and is now well signed - GridRef: SU 72734 06494
    > At the western end of the school's boundary the path enters the new housing estate being built adjacent to the Havant rail crossing (Cooper's Grange PO9 2GE / Grid Ref: SU 71854 06579). As noted by Pop the roadway here is still 'work in progress' but is perfectly ok to cycle on
    > The distance from the Warblington rail crossing to the Havant rail crossing along this path is about 0.6 of a mile / just under a kilometre
    This path is a nice alternative route to the normal Emsworth Rd / Southleigh Rd route taken by many of the 'regular' CTC rides

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