Meon Valley Trail progress

Work is progressing on the Meon Valley Trail. Looks like we'll have a new route come the summer. You can read the latest at:

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Here's a map of the trail - click it to see a larger image:

Meon Valley Trail

3 thoughts on “Meon Valley Trail progress

  1. It's unfortunate that the trail is getting some bad press:

    The BBC article seems to be promoting controversy rather than useful reporting by: showing provocative pictures; implying general support from all users; and quoting 2,000 'supporters' when this is simply the number of people that have joined a Facebook page that will include many with opposing views! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to comment on it to try to redress the balance. The Hampshire Chronicle does allow comments and I've added one to those already there.

  2. Having regularly cycled and walked the railway section for years I would question the "improvements". The trail would have periods when it was muddy and long periods when it wasn't. The canopy of trees in places made it seem quite magical now much of this has been destroyed. The surface now is horrible to ride on and will churn up as soon as horses are ridden on it (if anyone is prepared to ride a horse on the large stones). There is still much flooding along sections which is surprising as this was one of the justifications for the work.
    Always expected to get we'd or muddy on winter rides or walks, if I didn't fancy muddy rides there are ample quiet roads that could be used.

  3. If it helps for context there are currently over 1100 signatures on a petition to halt work. And I can count on 1 hand the amount of people posting in favour of the work in the face book group.

    (A cyclist)

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