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You may already be aware of the government’s CWIS (Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy) which is now at the draft stage and open for comment. The consultation closes on 23 May, so it should be possible for all members to have their say, which can be done by using the on-line survey, using the e-mail address supplied or by normal post. You can view the documents and make your views known here.

The general opinion in cycling circles is that although the basic premise of the draft strategy is welcome, the proposals suffer from 2 main problems/omissions which are the almost complete lack of targets and the derisory level of funding being proposed. Given the government’s very poor commitment to the future development of cycling in the UK, outside of the capital, it is important that as many of the public make their views known to the authors.

In other news, as part the Re-branding to Cycling UK, the title ‘Right to Ride’ is being dropped and although not completely settled the new title will probably be ‘Cycling UK, Campaigner, [place name].

I am also hoping that I can find a volunteer to takeover my campaigning and publicity roles some time in the next 12 months, with a gradual turn over during that period. If you are interested or want to have a chat about this, then send me an email or we can talk during one of the rides.


Robert Sebley

Cycling UK, Campaigner, for Havant Borough.

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Retired naval engineer, having served in the merchant navy as a a 'steam' engineer(6 years with an oil company) and then in the RN as a Weapon Electrical officer (18 years), finally completing my career supporting the RN as a civil servant (16 years). Married with 4 children and 3 grand children.