2 thoughts on “Havant Thicket path improvement

  1. They have made a right mess of the "Yellow Brick Road" by adding a layer of deep gravel, almost impassable with 28mm tyres. The same has happened in the New Forest.
    What the hell gets into these people, and who on earth gives them money to ruin perfectly acceptable bridleways? about 50 yards of the north/ South bit needed attention where the motorbikes had got loose, but why must they use deep gravel where it isn't needed?

    1. This is the forestry track that goes from Castle Road in Rowlands Castle to Bells Copse across the A3(M) from Cowplain.

      Several substantial depressions had developed in the track that filled with water in wet weather. They were not a problem to cyclists who could cycle round them but I understand it was causing the Forestry Commision problems with some forestry vehicles.

      In August the Forestry commission broke up the surface to get a more level base for vehicles. As a result it became difficult to cycle. For example it was very difficult for children to cycle it.
      The FC manager told me that this was only a temporary situation and the surface will be improved. I need to go and have another look but yesterday I was told that it had now improved.

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