QECP & Liss?

Unfortunately, Martin Flux can no longer lead this ride due to an illness in the family. We have therefore changed it to an informal ride for the time being.… Read the full entry

Aldingbourne & Littlehampton

We've changed the elevenses and lunch destinations to Aldingbourne and Littlehampton so as not to repeat the ride of 11th January.… Read the full entry

Fort Nelson & Fareham

Roy has changed the elevenses destination to Fort Nelson.… Read the full entry

Liss & Midhurst

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Sustainability Centre & Petersfield

HAVANT to SUST Ctre: 14 miles via Rowlands Castle, Chalton & Clanfield. SUST Ctre to P’FLD: 23 miles via ‘village with the burial place of the ashes of spy Guy Burgess’, W. Tisted,  Froxfield, Steep. P’FLD to HAVANT: 12 miles… Read the full entry

QECP & Liss

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