Fitting a Marathon Plus tyre

I have just purchased a new marathon plus tyre which are notoriously difficult to fit. But I came across this video by Spa Cycles, which may be of interest...

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2 thoughts on “Fitting a Marathon Plus tyre

  1. Yes, Difficult indeed (I have a pair on my tourer). That video is by CTC Forum member colin531 who is now retired.

    Readers may also benefit from carrying the VAR tyre lever or the larger Simpson Tyre Mate (both available from SJS Cycles and others).

    Some reviewers of the VAR report them snapping but I have not experienced that. The VAR is much smaller and lighter than the Simpson. I have not tried the Simpson myself but I suspect that it gives more useful leverage than the VAR.

  2. Oh! How I wish I'd found this video previously...
    Having recently replaced my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres a couple of weeks back, I spent a most 'enjoyable' couple of hours with the wheels pushed into my groin, aching & screaming fingers and, with blood, sweat and tears, screaming out 'just think of the ride, it's all for the ride'
    Now I know... Dammit!

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