Petersfield & Liss

  • Starts: Wednesday 4 February 2015 9:15 am
  • Ride leader/Event organiser: John Rosbottom
  • Category:
  • Ride grade: C - Moderate ride
  • Ride to elevenses grade: D - Flattish ride

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: John Rosbottom.

At this time of year you might be yearning for those lovely summer days in the Alps with lovely views and high passes to climb and descend. A trip to the Alps is too far for a club run, and anyway many passes are snowed up right now.  Nil desperandum! Today's ride climbs up our very own mini-alpine pass.

From Havant we follow lanes to our elevenses stop in Petersfield, then for a little bit of alpine training we climb Stoner Hill which is like an alpine pass with some nice hairpins and long views to the North and East.  The  average gradient is 5.7% with a maximum of 14% (so very like many Alpine routes). However it is  only 2.4 km long with a height gain of 138 m, so you really need to climb it about half a dozen times to get a true taste of the Alps (we won't be doing that).

We work our way round to Liss Garden Centre for lunch. Our route after lunch depends on the weather and how quickly we want to get back to Havant.


About Saturday and Wednesday rides

Rides from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. Average speed is 11-12 mph; if you're slower, someone will wait for you.

If you'd prefer not to do the full day ride, you're welcome to join us as far as the elevenses stop and come back from there. Please make sure the ride leader knows that's what you intend to do so we can make sure someone is available to come back with you.

Larger rides split into multiple groups:

  • A fast group that takes a longer and/or hillier route to the elevenses stop
  • The rest of the main ride which takes a more direct route to the elevenses stop
  • An elevenses ride comprised of riders going only to elevenses; the elevenses ride will have its own ride leader and might go to a different destination if the route to the main elevenses destination is long and/or hilly

The rides are informal and riders are free to join and leave the ride at various points. Some ride directly to the elevenses stop.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you.

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