President's ride

Address: East Street, Havant, P09 1BS

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre web site is here.

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Send an email to ride leader/event organiser: Roger Paddey.

Please note the tea is 3.30 NOT  3.15, to give it time to get rid of the Sunday lunchers.

If I haven't acknowledged you email it means I haven't seen it, so could you please resend. Finally a last reminder that the cut off for booking tea is lunchtime tomorrow-Monday 12th.

The ride will - like last year - end with a cream tea. We'll be visiting Fishbourne, West Dean and Chidham but not necessarily in that order.

Please let me know, no later than midday on the 12th (the Monday before the ride), if you are coming (and how many you will be bringing) as I need to confirm this with the caterer. The cost has been kept to £5 per person. On the day I will give everyone who has 'registered and paid' a token for their tea. If you haven't bothered to register and turn up 'on spec', then there is a good chance no cream tea will be available! Obviously if you say you are coming, and don't, you will still have to pay for your tea(s) as they will have been ordered.

Depending on numbers the ride will be spilt into 2 groups, both will go to the same destinations but one will go a bit further, a bit faster and a bit lumpier. If anyone would prefer a shorter ‘Easy Ride’ please let me know and I'll arrange one. Similarly, please get in touch if you have a need to go to the tea stop direct.

We will be having a coffee and lunch stop, at the latter you have a choice of numerous eateries, pubs, or a picnic area.

Tea will be at 3.15.

The official ride will finish at tea but for those of you who wish not to make their own way, we can lead you back to Havant.

If you'd like to come please drop me an email or let me, Andy Henderson or Roy Pearce know on a ride. You can also pay your £5 to any of us, or me on the day.

About Saturday and Wednesday rides

Rides from Havant with stops for elevenses, lunch and sometimes tea. Average speed is 11-12 mph; if you're slower, someone will wait for you.

If you'd prefer not to do the full day ride, you're welcome to join us as far as the elevenses stop and come back from there. Please make sure the ride leader knows that's what you intend to do so we can make sure someone is available to come back with you.

Larger rides split into multiple groups:

  • A fast group that takes a longer and/or hillier route to the elevenses stop
  • The rest of the main ride which takes a more direct route to the elevenses stop
  • An elevenses ride comprised of riders going only to elevenses; the elevenses ride will have its own ride leader and might go to a different destination if the route to the main elevenses destination is long and/or hilly

The rides are informal and riders are free to join and leave the ride at various points. Some ride directly to the elevenses stop.

This article describes what you should consider bringing with you.

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