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Route: Hayling Cycle Ride 2016 Day 1

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Final section in Rennes is not as described in the route notes because I couldn't follow them on Streetview.

The above should be used in conjunction with the route notes which contain important additional information. It has not been checked by the organising committee. Apologies in advance for errors.

GPS Visualizer can convert to alternate formats.

Note there is an error in the route notes at 7.7 miles; they should say "Turn left onto the D275 Rue de Bois Martin".

Route: Paris to Hayling 2014 Day 3

Full detail including map and download

Paris to Rouen.

We went off the planned route at Herblay because of road works.  We missed a turn somewhere so went the long way round before rejoining the route at the junction of the Seine and L'Oise.

We also had a small detour (along with many others) when we crossed the Seine obeying an instruction to cross the river.  We eventually twigged the river should have been L'Andelle - a tributary.