Riding under COVID restrictions

The Government and Cycling UK have given us the go-ahead to start rides subject to the 'rule of 30' on 17th May.

If you get COVID-19 symptoms or you might have been exposed to someone with the virus...

We describe the actions you should take here.

Bear in mind that most of your fellow riders - and people they live with - are more likely to suffer extreme reactions to the virus than the rest of the population. Please give them the best chance to avoid the worst effects of the infection by ensuring they know of a possible exposure.

You should also not join a ride if you you are shielding as an extremely vulnerable person (or living with an extremely vulnerable person) or if you have a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

When you join a ride, you must exercise social distancing - relatively easy on a bike, but please take extra care when we stop and at junctions. Unless the leader tells you otherwise, you should assume all pop-up rides are self-catering; please bring the food and drink you'll need with you. Note that it might not be possible to find toilet facilities on route - you might have to 'rough it'.

There is more guidance on what we are allowed to do in the emergency here.