Map of Staunton Country Park / Havant Thicket

Mike Ashton's been given permission to provide this advanced copy of a map that will be included in a leaflet describing the available facilities.  Cycle trails are shown as red dotted lines.


Click the image to download a larger version.

Mike writes...

As you can see there is an extensive range of cycleable tracks and if you include in with them the cycle routes on Bridleways 123, 121 and 120, which all have good surfaces specially built for cycling, there is a lot of mileage to be cycled. The short term plan is to have 2 easy mountain bike routes and a permissive cycle route from Cowplain to Rowlands Castle and Staunton Country Park. As you know there already is a cycle route from Horndean and Cowplain to Havant Town using BW 123. All the track is in place but other than on the bridleways it's not yet marked out. There has been some vandalism of route markings on BWs 120 and 121 so the route marking on these is not good.

Comparatively short sections of the track are a little muddy but most is in good condition. The last £10k of funding which comes from Olympic Legacy funding is not accessible until 1st April and until the signs are in place route finding on the 1,000 acre site is not easy hence the need for the map. HCC are however enthusiastic to get more people using the site. Jogging and orienteering routes are also being provided.

4 replies to “Map of Staunton Country Park / Havant Thicket

  1. Hi Mike - the new routes look good and make access to The Thicket much better. The notice board at Havant Thicket welcomes cyclists to use all tracks - is this true? I also note from the map that we have lost the circular route down The Avenue and appear to have been pushed out onto Middle Park Way so there is now no safe short route for kids around the park - is this right?

  2. Dave,
    I think the notice is OK if read in conjunction with the OS 1:25000 MAP. The notice says, "Cyclists are welcome to use the Forest Trails." Alongside is a map identifying the forest trails in Havant Thicket that the Forestry Commission, the land owner, is encouraging people to cycle. Havant Thicket is however shown on the 1:25,000 OS map as being "access land", this means that anyone can walk it but you can only cycle it where the landowner indicates you can.

  3. Hi Mike,

    The problem with using the gravel trails for cycling is that there are so many walkers during the day with dog's running around in all directions it makes it extremely difficult to ride.

    Would it make more sense to utilise some of the single track in the wooded area for cycling and use small sections of the gravel trails to link the routes together thus making it more enjoyable and safer for both cyclist and walkers.

    Thanks Glyn

    1. My experiences in cycling and walking in Havant Thicket are different from Glyn's in that whilst cycling I have come across walkers (with and without dogs) and I have simply found that the normal levels of caution used when cycling on shared paths works fine. Yes you get the odd 'idiot' dog/walker (and yes, cyclist too), but nothing out of the ordinary really, and I most certainly haven't found it 'extremely difficult to ride'.

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