Distance cycled in 2016/17

Distance cycled between 1st October 2016 and 30th September 2017.

You can no longer make changes to your log entries for 2016/17. Contact Andy if you want to correct an entry.

Using this page you can:

  • Review your log entries and see annual and monthly totals.
  • Download your log to a spreadsheet program, such as Excel and process it there. For example, you might want to find how far you have cycled since the last time you changed your bike's chain.
  • Enter the CCP cup competition. If you log all your rides that happens automatically. Otherwise, you can use this page to submit your monthly summaries.
  • See the 2016/17 league table in the CCP cup competition.

Your log details are visible only to you and the site administrators. Members can see your distance total for the year. None of the information is available to non-members.

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